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Zero Food Waste Coalition


State Food Waste Policy Actions

In addition to driving federal policy change, the Zero Food Waste Coalition works to advance food waste legislation at the state and local level to address the issue from the ground up. The coalition is proud to represent 170+ organizations from across 40 states, encompassing local governments, industry, nonprofits, and academic organizations.

To drive progress on food loss and waste at a state level, the coalition is currently working to:

  • Increase visibility around policy opportunities at the state level, including administrative opportunities, with the help of the State Food Waste Bill Tracker.
  • Accelerate policy through ZFWC member networks and build ZFWC member capacity to advocate for state policies, supported by the State Policy Toolkit.

Recent Updates

Learn more about the ZFWC's ongoing state policy efforts:

Two women packaging food up into boxes© Isobel Anderson / WWF-UK

Zero Food Waste Coalition Releases Climate Pollution Reduction Grants Toolkit; Encourages Prioritization of Food Loss & Waste

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An audience of people in chairs watching a panel of speakers© WWF-US / Keith Arnold

Zero Food Waste Coalition Highlights State Policy Opportunities to Reduce Food Waste

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A group of people walking outside with the United States Capitol building behind them© WWF-US / Deb Lindsey

Zero Food Waste Coalition publishes Food Legislation Tracker per State

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